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What We Do


Tell us about your core values and what you believe in for the world.


Select which socially responsible ETF portfolios you want to invest in.


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Impact Driven.

It has never been easier to learn how to invest, make a difference in the world, and make a profit while doing so.

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"What is the significance of your logo?"

(We get that a lot!)

The abstractness of the ImpactCents icon is rather jarring, which is how many tend to view both investing and social issues that people feel passionate about. However, the wordmark is very simple and clean which is how we plan to evolve the investing world. Together the icon and the wordmark create a very nice contrast.


The fractured triangle represents a broken delta, symbolic of being open to change. The triangle points upwards, which represents positivity and progression. Finally, hidden in the center of that fractured symbol is an “i” and a “c.”






We're a group of three individuals who are passionate about the socially responsible investment space. We believe we can incorporate education, transparency, and engagement into impact investing to better our future. Our team has a mixed skillset of marketing, entrepreneurship, computer science, and business.